Hola y bien venido a la Hombre Mexican Cantina!


Mexico is a country known for its vibrant and colourful culture, people and food. Central to the culture is the idea of family and friends, hospitality and sense of festivity. In Mexico – everything is cause for celebration. Life itself is a celebration and involves everyone (otherwise known as todos hombre’s). It’s from this concept that Hombre Mexican Cantina was born…a place for everyone to join and share a meal and a drink while creating fun and lasting memories.


Prepare for a festive welcome at Hombre Mexican Cantina as we deliver the hospitality Mexico is known and loved for. In true Mexican spirit, we live the good old “mi casa es su casa” philosophy and you will be welcomed as you take a seat at our communal bar or in the restaurant.


Our menu has been designed as a social, sharing experience and we love to watch people come together through food. To get the real taste of Mexico, our cantina bar offers a delicious range of fresh margaritas and traditional beers. For the more adventurous amongst you, wet your lips with our muy, muy long (but muy, muy sensational) selection of premium tequilas.

Hombre Mexican Cantina is an exciting opportunity to join a successful business with a team of passionate and motivated professionals. Collectively we have enormous experience across all areas of the business. Our network is expanding and we are on the look-out for likeminded franchise partners to help make Hombre Mexican Cantina an Australian favourite.  We know from years of experience that our franchise partners are critical to the quality and success of each Hombre restaurant – so you will need to be a pretty awesome amigo to join the team.

Having the funds to buy a HOMBRE does not guarantee that you will be approved to enter the franchise system. We understand that all businesses need positive and capable management to be successful and Hombre franchisees will be selected on their passion for the industry and ability to deliver upon the Hombre business vision. We can teach you the rest.

Getting the steps right!
Once you’re approved as a franchisee for Hombre Mexican Cantina, we will guide you through the entire process. From sourcing your site to designing your store and everything in between. Australians love Mexican cuisine, but when it comes to picking the right site for your store – we consider factors such as demographics, foot-traffic, competitor landscape and much more.

Be prepared for the Hombre Business Manager to become one of your best amigos as they will be working with you every step of the way! Your Business Manager will assist with things including staff recruitment and workforce planning, training, financials, supplier arrangements and every little detail required for getting your store ready for open!


When you join the Hombre family, you’re also joining the Franchise Retail Brands (FRB) family. Being part of a large network of brands, you will reap the benefits with access to finance and legal services, stock ordering and supply chain management, OH&S, operations and ongoing marketing support. The FRB marketing team will work with you to plan your new store opening with all of the energy of a traditional fiesta! The team will ensure you have everything you need to promote your store within your local area, building hype and awareness and get eager customers through your doors. Your marketing levy contributions will help fund ongoing campaigns, website management, local area marketing initiatives, media planning and buying, events, loyalty program, new product development and design.

In addition to the national campaign calendar and local area marketing services, franchisees gain the most value from engaging with their local communities, building a profile for themselves and their Hombre Mexican Cantina business.

The FRB and Hombre teams will provide you with all of the necessary training and ongoing support you need to make your business as successful as possible.

If you think you have the passion, drive, determination and vision to be a successful Hombre franchisee, then we would love to talk to you!

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