Crave Ice Creamery. Give in to it.


Crave Ice Creamery exists to satisfy cravings. It’s as simple as that. At Crave, we believe that a little indulgence is a good thing and giving in to temptation doesn’t have to mean a complete blowout! Our range of premium quality ice-creams, gelatos and sorbets are all produced locally and made from the finest ingredients, offering flavours sure to delight.

In addition to all the traditional favourites, the Crave team loves creating an ever-changing signature range of flavour combinations that will keep you coming back to get your taste of what’s new! Customers can select flavours to indulge in straight away or choose their favourites to take home in a Crave Pack.


Ice cream stores in Australia are in the growth phase of the lifecycle with IBISWorld (August, 2016) estimating that industry revenue will increase at an annualised 3.0% in the five years through 2016-17, to reach $557.3 million. With market share of the major players declining, there is more room for premium, boutique ice cream brands with a trendy, appealing environment for consumers, such as Crave.

Crave Franchises

Built on a 20sqm footprint, Crave kiosks are bright, inviting and functional spaces with low set up costs designed to be simple to operate and manage. Once approved as a franchisee, you will also be supported by the Crave and FRB Network. You will receive guidance through site selection, store-set up and development, recruitment, training, operations and marketing.

Each franchisee will have the support of an Operations Manager, who will assist with the below:
● Feedback and advice
● Training
● Day to day operations
● Financials
● Facilitating communication between Crave head office including marketing

We are looking to recruit passionate franchisees who Crave the opportunity to run their own business and to connect with customers, always conveying energy, quality and pride through their business.

A Crave franchise would suit someone who either wants to be actively involved in the day-to-day operations of the business or equally, someone looking to manage this as part of their portfolio.

If you are craving a fresh, new start, simply complete the form below and we will be in touch to discuss everything you need to know.

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